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Achieving Better Business Outcomes Together

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Dave Norris CEO

Americor Funding

“Her competence is such that the Company has grown tremendously during her time with the organization and Janneen's contributions to that growth cannot be understated. "

Janneen Jackson (CEO)

Serving in an executive capacity as Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Business Relationship Management for one of the largest National Debt Settlement companies in America, Janneen Jackson has an intimate, hands-on, in-depth knowledge of the debt settlement industry....


Debt Settlement Services


Start-Up Consulting

There are many factors to consider when establishing a new debt relief company.  Knowing which debt settlement companies to partner with as a wholesale affiliate, the products they offer and asking  the right questions regarding the economics is paramount to your busines survival.  We can work with you to find the one that best suits your needs.


Strategic Partnerships 

Having the right strategic partners can help you to grow your business. 

Whether you're looking  for information about industry products or services,  an executive  introduction, a product demo, or assistance through the purchase negotiation process,

we can help! Let us introduce you to the right people, products and services to take your business to the next level! 


Policies & Procedure Development

Documenting your policies and procedures can helps you to avoid losing valuable organizational knowledge and is an important part of any regulatory defense strategy. We can help you to build and maintain a detailed set of policies and procedures along with the accompanying documentation for the training and enforcement of these policies. Ask us more about it. 


BSI Certification Preparation

Are you getting ready for your

BSI industry certification audit?

Let us help you to prepare and present your documentation for a complete and speedy audit.   We can assist you with the development of your SOPS (Standard Operating Proced) or audit and update your existing documents. 


Backend Customer Experience

Consulting and Training

Your business cannot exist without its customers and in today's marketplace it's important that your employees understand the difference between Customers Service and Customer Experience.   

We can help you to develop your company values and translate these concepts into everyday actions to enhance your customer experience  and employee happiness.


Backend Negotiations

Consulting and Training

Effective negotiations mean positive outcomes for consumers and your business.  We can assist you with in- depth knowledge for each creditor, collector and law firm.  Looking for an introduction or contact information? No problem.  Leverage our extensive relationships to develop mutually beneficial strategies to resolve consumer debts  through efficient, secure  scrub processes. 

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